27 May 2012

6 easy ways to make your child feels loved | iluvislam.com

6 Cara Mudah Membuat Anak Rasa Disayangi | iluvislam.com discover the beauty of islam

from the link above, i would like to share with everyone these easy steps. i really hope i can practice it at home.

1. say i love u especially when she is sad
actually i always do this at night when aysha is drinking her milk to sleep. and usually after she finishes her milk then she'll kiss me goodnight.. awwww. so sweet. love her to bits..

also when she feels down.. nowadays.. always.. dah pandai merajuk.. kuat pulak tu.. sikit2 menangis olok2.. even though she is faking it, i will still hug and kiss her.. say all the nice things to pujuk her.. then, if i nangis olok2 pon, she'll come to hug and kiss me.

2.  show that you are happy to meet her

everyday when i sent aysha to her babysitter, she'll cry wanting to follow me to work.. but at the end of the day, i didnt get to pick her up since i get back quite late. so her abi will pick her up and bring her to the playground..

by the time i'm home, either she'll come greet me or just ignore me if she is busy playing.. i will call out for her and give her a kiss then off for a shower and solat..

everytime she comes looking for me i will give her a big smile and open my arms to hug her.

3. observe and acknowledge when she did something good

right now aysha likes to mess her toys but when i told her to "pick it up and put back in the basket". she will obey and start tidying things up. each time she does good deeds i will encourage her and clap my hands and give her a hug and  kiss.

4. listen to her

these recent weeks aysha is very sensitive and will cry easily if she did not get what she wants. so when she starts crying i will ask nicely what is it that she wants. normally i will not understand what she says so i simply ask things like do you want to eat? do you want milk? etc then she will reply nicely too... nakkk~ or taknak

5. spend time doing what she wants

it is not so hard now that she is still 17 months old.. what she wants to do each day is play.. either on her tricycle, or colouring or playing outside in the park.. her abi will bring her outside to play.. hehe but in the house.. i will join her colouring..

oh and she have taken interest in playing skipping rope.. my oh my...

6. show interest in her effort on what she is doing

sometimes when aysha is alone by the corner or sitting down quietly on the floor.. i will be curious and interested to see what she is doing.. normally it is not the nice thing.. like colouring the floor. or tearing up pages off of her books... sometimes she spill her water and plays with it... sigh..

but i will ask her to clean it up after wards.. and she will obey...

such a good girl..

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